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How Escrow Works

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Frequently in online transaction, buyers will pay a high price for an item only to receive less than they expected. Buyers can avoid this by ordering Escrow Services. When Escrow is used, payment is sent to Tradiator instead of the Seller, to hold until the buyer receives the item and is satisfied with it. Read through the process below to gain a better understanding of how online escrow works:

Step One: Item is Ordered
A Buyer orders an item online and agrees with the seller to use Tradiator's Escrow Service. Either the Seller or the Buyer may logon to Tradiator and Order Escrow.

Step Two: Tradiator Accepts and Holds the Funds
After either the Buyer or Seller places an order for Escrow, each will be sent specific instructions. Tradiator will accept payment on behalf of the Seller, and hold the funds until the end of the transaction. Tradiator accepts payments via Postal Money Order.

Step Three: Buyer Receives and Inspects the Item
After the Seller receives confirmation from Tradiator that payment has been received, the Seller may ship the item to the Buyer. The Buyer has a pre-specified amount of time to inspect and approve the item before finalizing your transaction.

Step Four: Seller is Paid if Buyer is Satisfied
If the Buyer is satisfied with the item, Tradiator will deliver the funds to the Seller. In the event the Buyer is not satisfied, the funds will be returned.

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