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How Mediation Works

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Tradiator enables two parties involved in an auction transaction to settle their dispute on neutral ground. Using a sophisticated messaging system, each transaction can be discussed privately online in order to reach a fair resolution. Mediation provides the two parties involved with a neutral guide. Read through the process below to gain a better understanding of how Mediation works:

Step One: A Dispute Arises
Sellers and bidders alike run into complications when involved in transactions online. Sellers may not receive payment from their high bidder, or a high bidder may not receive the item purchased from the seller. When a dispute over an auction transaction arises, this is when to call upon the help of Tradiator.

Step Two: File a Case and Add a Mediator
Filing your case is FREE and takes only a few minutes. Simply complete the case filing process. The information you submit will be processed immediately, and you and the other party involved will receive an email notice containing the instructions to login to your private Resolution Page. Adding a mediator to your case takes only a moment and requires just one low flat fee. Simply click the Add Mediator button beside your case on the mediation page, complete your one-time flat fee payment, and a mediator will check-in to your case within 24 hours.

Step Three: Discuss the Dispute
Login to your private Resolution Page and submit information about your dispute. The other party will also have the opportunity to login and provide details about the dispute from his/her perspective. The message system is setup so each party involved can respond to the comments posted. The mediator's role is to encourage positive, solution-oriented discussion between the parties.

Step Four: Resolve!
Using mediation, cases are more likely to be fairly and quickly resolved. The mediator will only recommend a resolution if and when the parties request it. He or she does not act as a judge or arbitrator. This method encourages discussion in order to reach a resolution.

Click here if you are ready to add a mediator to your case.

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